CJ Wilson has announced a multi-level dealership agreement with British specialist auto manufacturer, Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) Limited and his CJ Wilson Racing team. The partnership will see CJ Wilson Racing and Entertainment become the exclusive dealership and service facility for BAC’s Mono supercar in the Arizona and North Texas markets. 

Wilson has been a long time fan of the 2.5-liter, four-cylinder British single-seater supercar, and is delighted to promote this highly acclaimed design in the USA. “Having spent a significant amount of time with the BAC Mono over the last couple of years, I have really fallen in love with the brand. Whether it is as specialist car for the serious track day enthusiast, or as the ultimate road car, it really creates a feeling unrivalled by any other vehicle, regardless of price,” explained the two-time MLB All Star.

The CJ Wilson Racing founder is looking forward to further building the brand in the USA. “It is awesome for CJWR to be able to partner with BAC; the agreement means we can distribute and maintain these amazing cars over two markets in Austin, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona. Having service locations in each of these markets will allow Mono customers to get together and do what all enthusiasts want to do, namely share their experiences with people of a similar mindset. Being able to do group track days, group drives and group events is what we are all about as we begin to foster a 'Mono Culture' in the United States. We are looking forward to developing tours, extended drives, and track day events for our customers and those who want to learn more about the marque.” 

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Mark Rayner, BAC USA President said: "We're delighted to enter into this dealership agreement with CJ and CJ Wilson Racing. This partnership provides a solid base from which to deliver the BAC Mono to the North American market. The teams in Scottsdale and Austin are dynamic, brand aware and the right fit for the BAC brand. CJ Wilson and his team will work with BAC to elevate a BAC Mono owners' package that creates a 'One of a Kind' experience'. As we grow our dealership network this partnership will define our strategy for providing a best-in-class customer service and ownership experience."

Neill Briggs, BAC Co-Founder added: “The BAC Mono is a supercar designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, and it’s of vital importance for BAC to partner with dealers who fully understand the ethos of Mono. CJ Wilson shares our passion for cars, and with his attention to detail and emphasis on exceptional customer care we can be confident the BAC brand and Mono supercar will be accurately demonstrated to potential clients. We are delighted to announce this partnership and I look forward to a successful future”.

Prospective customers for the 1279 lb, 305 horsepower machine and its extraordinary 170 mph performance can get more details by contacting CJ Wilson Racing on info@cjwilsonracing.com or visit www.cjwilsonracing.com.

Declan Brennan