Since 2014 CJ Wilson Racing has retained the services of the renowned automotive designer, Andy Blackmore. His design work has set CJWR apart from the field ever since. Whether it is with his exciting base designs featuring CJ's 'star' signature or his his use of a wide variety of finishes in a single design, Andy always produces memorable work. 

The progression of our livery designs from the MX-5 Cup and ST Class Mazdas to our latest GS Class Porsche Caymans is explained on Andy's own website and it is well worth a read. 

Andy's skills are not limited to livery design, he has also worked with the team to create the overall corporate look which can be seen in our hero cards and all of our teams promotional materials. His Photoshop skills were recently put to use as we had to create promotional artwork for a car that did not yet exist. When the team announced its partnership with the Chicago Blackhawks for our race at Road America, we had one issue, we needed to produce promotional materials for the event featuring the car. Under normal circumstances, we would simply use a shot of our car on track from an earlier event, but this was a brand new partnership and no such shots existed. 

We had to create a base 3D version of the car design in Forza Motorsport 6 using our amazing Forza livery painter, 'SCS Skreamies'. The in-game car is the 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS which differs significantly from the 2016 Cayman GT4 Clubsport. Andy had a considerable amount of work to do to turn the base car into our #35 Chicago Blackhawks Cayman Clubsport GT4. The result was incredible and many people had no idea that we had created the image using a video game and Photoshop. 

One of our favorite projects was the Ohio State Buckeye themed helmet that our MX-5 Cup racer, Patrick Gallagher, used at his home race at Mid Ohio in 2014. Using only photogrpahic references, Andy recreated the famed OSU Buckeye design on an Arai race helmet for Patrick. Every clasp, bar, bolt and screw was designed with three dimensional look which was then painted by helmet artist, Tyler Cenarusa. The impact of the design was phenomenal and Patrick and his helmet received a huge amount of attention in the run up to the race. 

As our team continues to grow, we have no doubt that Andy and his remarkable skills will be an intergral part of everything we do. To read more about all of the work he has done for us and other teams around the World, please check out his site at

Declan Brennan