The #33 ONE Capital Management/Motor Oil Matters CJ Wilson Racing Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport broke it's Continental Tire GS Class duck today at Virginia International Raceway. In a masterful performance in changing conditions, Marc Miller lead the final 45 minutes of the race which was severely hampered by an enormous rain storm. 

Marc Miller, Driver of the #33 CJWR ONE Capital/Motor Oil Matters  Porsche Cayman: 

This was probably one of our most difficult races because we had to deal with a monsoon! We faded early as Danny struggled a little bit with the balance of the car, but we had set it up for long runs so we kind of expected that it would be towards the middle of Danny’s stint before it got better but we never got that opportunity. The great call that they made was that we took the earliest opportunity to get Continental rain tires on the car and they are excellent in conditions like the ones we had. They are super predictable and very stable. When Danny got out and I got in I was hoping it was going to stay damp the rest of the way. I thought that was our best opportunity for victory given that we are just not as quick on the short runs, it takes us four or five laps to get going. I was able to put the move early on Billy and that felt just awesome! We were getting great forward bite out of the corners so I could square it up and go, that is really what made the difference. And thanks again to the CJ Wilson Racing crew, the car set up was awesome. We’re so happy to get our first GS win and we are also hoping to do three in a row this year like everyone else seems to be doing. I’m definitely looking forward to the next race. 

Danny Burkett, Driver of the #33 CJWR ONE Capital/Motor Oil Matters  Porsche Cayman:

The conditions were challenging to say the least, it was kind of like driving in a hurricane, it was all about survival. At one point, while on wets, on the front straight I hit a puddle aquaplaned and around we went. Luckily enough we didn’t hit anything but it was a total roller coaster of emotions because when that happened my heart sank. I can’t describe it, I can’t wait until we win the Championship. 

I have no idea how I’m going to be able to watch my own kids when they start racing! 

CJ Wilson, Team Owner:

This is why we work so hard.  The tough races and close finishes have been difficult to take but I'm so happy for the crew. The way we have evolved as a team is definitely something to be proud of.  Danny and Marc have been great all year in the Cayman and to be able to stand on the top step of the podium with a race win is the biggest step we have taken all year.  We have to look forward to our next race at COTA and I can't wait to see everyone in the paddock.  

All of our partners that have gotten us to this point should feel just as proud, they're a big part of this win too!  

More details and a full report to follow. 




Declan Brennan