And we are ready to go here at Watkins Glen International in beautiful Upstate New York. Let's thank all of our sponsors before the cars roll out to start 360 minutes of grueling dueling in 120 degree temperatures. 

HOUR 1 -

Working with Unit Nutrition's brain trust has it's advantages when we are faced with such torrid conditions. 

Solid start for Till. As we reach the half hour mark, he has settled into a phenomenal rhythm and he has now caught and passed the #15 AMG GT4.

Shortly before the Hour mark, the track goes Full Course Yellow for track cleaning. Everyone pits, including Till and Marc Miller jumps in for his first stint. As we begin hour two, Marc sits P11. 



As Marc Miller currently chasing John Potter's Magnus Audi for P9. As he does that, we caught up with Till to chat about his opening stint. 

Excellent stint for Marc Miller as he moves the #36 car into the Top 10 pitting the car from ninth position on Lap 59, right on the two-hour mark. Till will now jump back in and bring us to the half way stage. 



Till jumped back into the Unit Nutrition car. He is one lap down to the GTD leader but he is doing a fine job and he is currently sitting P12. In preparation for his next stint, Marc Miller has been getting a physical tune-up in the pits. 

Marc got back in a few minutes before the halfway point. As we complete the first half of the race, The #36 sits in P14 just one lap off the GTD Class lead. 


A solid if unspectacular run for Marc. We lost a chance to get a lap back under yellow as the leaders in GTD were able to get into the pits before the Full Course Caution was thrown. This is a team event so check out the video below of the CJWR boys in action during the yellow flag stop.


Solid lapping from both Marc and Till during the fifth hour has kept the team just one lap down, had circumstances been slightly different, CJWR could well have stayed on the lead lap. 


A full course yellow with 50 minutes has tightened up the GTD field. Till will pit and Marc Miller will get in for the run to the flag. Although the re-start did produce one of the all-time moves for the lead of any race ever!

And some of our rivals have even noticed that we are hoiding our own.

Declan Brennan